Kim Kardashian Hair Reverts To Pre-Kanye Look (PHOTOS)

Remember how everyone (us included) couldn't stop marveling at how Kim Kardashian had cleaned up her look once she started dating Kanye? Well it looks like we spoke to soon -- the reality star has already gone back to her old ways.

While at a photo shoot yesterday, Kim tweeted, "Longer & lighter hair for the you like?" along with a picture of her newly-extended strands. Hair extensions and heavy makeup were old staples of the the 31-year-old's look before she started taking style tips from her new boyfriend. She clearly hasn't fully adjusted to the streamlined routine, because she followed that tweet with another that said, "Long locks, I really missed you..."

The Instagrams that went along with these tweets show Kim K with a full face of makeup and her old school hair. And even though we've praised Kanye's influence on her style in the past, we can't help but wonder if she only changed up her routine for the man in her life (especially since she clearly missed her longer hair). Perhaps her pared-down hair and makeup look was her idea and it just coincidentally coincided with her new relationship. Either way, do you think Kim's hair extensions are here to stay?

Scroll down for photos.

kim kardashian hair

kim kardashian hair

See Kim Kardashian's style evolution. Can you spot Kanye's influence?

Kim Kardashian Style Evolution

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