Kim Kardashian Was Voted 'Most Likely To Lie About Her Ethnicity' In High School

Kim Kardashian Was Voted Most Likely To WHAT In High School?

Ready for a random fact that will make you say "huh"?

Kim Kardashian was apparently voted "Most Likely To Lie About Her Ethnicity" in high school. It's a factoid about the reality star that was revealed by Allure in 2010, but the folks over at BuzzFeed came up with a big list of surprising superlative titles celebrities were named in their yearbooks, and we have to say Kardashian's caught our attention.

The students of Marymount High School, an all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles, also voted Kardashian as “Most Likely to Meet Her Husband at the Million Man March."

While we understand that her fellow students were highlighting Kardashian's preference for dating black men, we're slightly puzzled by the whole lying-about-her-ethnicity thing. We have to wonder if that superlative was meant to be sarcastic since Kardashian is very proud of her Armenian heritage -- or at least she appeared to be in the years since she shot to fame as a reality star.

Whether it was meant to be sarcastic or not, it leaves us with a strange urge to wish we knew more about Kardashian in high school and the even stranger feeling that a show about her in her teens would have been endlessly entertaining.

Check out Kim's high school yearbook photo below:

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