Kim Kardashian Hot: Pregnant Star's Breasts Are On Full Display In Super-Tight Sports Bra (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian should consider investing in some new sports bras ...

The mom-to-be hit the gym in Los Angeles, Calif., this morning (Feb. 15) after presumably enjoying a romantic and over-the-top Valentine's Day with baby daddy Kanye West. The 32-year-old's famous assets were on full display as she literally busted out of her too-tight bra and black tank top. Not to mention, Kardashian donned curve-hugging leggings, as well.

According to the Daily Mail, Kardashian has already grown four cup sizes during her pregnancy, going from a 36D to a 36G!

And what makes this entire situation worse is that she worked out with exercise guru Tracy Anderson. Could you imagine dancing in THAT outfit? Ouch.

Kardashian has been a fitness fiend since announcing her pregnancy in December, breaking a sweat every chance she gets. The reality star is due to give birth in July.

Check out her uncomfortable looking, but sexy workout attire below:

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