Kim Kardashian Is Truly The Gift That Keeps On Giving With Epic Kylie Jenner Shade

"Yeah, that's how you look."

Nothing can compare to a sister’s love, not even when said sister might be shading the hell out of you on social media. 

That change you feel in the air is Kim Kardashian slowly, yet surely, returning to the limelight after three months of self-imposed seclusion. The reality star truly outdid herself on Thursday night with a series of Snapchats at a family dinner with her beloved sisters.  

The one we’ve put on replay for the foreseeable future, however, features Kylie Jenner and Kim with a Snapchat filter that distorts one’s face by enlarging the user’s lips and shrinking one’s eyes. 

After trying the filter on for size, Kim tilts the camera so Kylie can give it a whirl, as the two giggle together about their new looks. 

“Why do you look normal?” Kim asks Kylie.

“I look normal?” young Jenner responds, seemingly offended by the insinuation that Kim thinks exaggerated facial features are commonplace for the social media star. 

“Yeah, that’s how you look,” Kim shoots back. 

The shaaaaaaade. 

😩😂 #kimkardashian said #kyliejenner looked 'normal' with #snapchat filter

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Let’s say it all together now ... 



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