What's one way to remind everyone that it's still all about you, even on your best friend's birthday? Why, wear a jacket with your face on it, of course.

Kim Kardashian celebrated pal Jonathan Cheban's 42nd birthday Sunday night by wearing an attention-grabbing coat with photos of her face painted all over it. Of course, it was also adorned with the word "slay" down one arm and "chill" down the other.

Holly Heads LLC / Splash News

The mom-of-two paired the jacket, which appears to feature four different images of her, including a blonde look on the back, with a tight black dress and fishnet stockings.

Holly Heads LLC / Splash News

For his part, Cheban didn't seem to mind his bestie stealing the show, sharing a photo of the two of them that simply read "SLAY."


A photo posted by Jonathan Cheban (@jonathancheban) on

Kardashian did give Cheban some less selfish love for his big day with -- what else? -- an Instagram post that revealed she "couldn't imagine life" without him.

Sigh. The trials and tribulations of being Kim Kardashian's biggest cheerleader are so real.

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