Kim Kardashian Looks To Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston's Wedding As Prototype

Kim Kardashian’s forthcoming wedding to basketball player, Kris Humphries is only weeks away, but if you didn’t get an invite and were hoping to snag a front row seat in the comfort of your own living room you'll have to wait until October -- and no one is more disappointed about that than E!, who will be broadcasting the nuptials.

“Kim and her mom Kris are the smartest business women in showbiz and have planned all this very carefully,” an insider tells me. “E! has the broadcast rights to the wedding but they have already sold the print rights to People magazine and know that if they spread it all out they will make a lot more money during the two months everyone is waiting for it to air on E!.”

E!, on the other hand, would much rather release the footage immediately -- they'd even hire extra editors to rush the footage out as quickly as possible to ensure that nothing leaked before the air date. But Kim and Kris refused any sort of expedited delivery, making the network that created them do it the Kardashian way or not at all.

“Kim and Kris have E! by the balls and have insisted they are in charge, not the network. They are using Brad and Jen's wedding as a prototype for the big day,” a friend of the star tells me. “Everyone, including guests J.Lo and Ryan Seacrest, will park their cars and take fancy shuttle busses up to the venue. They will have to go through metal detectors and will have to hand over their cell phones and any other recording devices. There will be more security devoted to making sure the footage and images from this wedding [are] safe [than] security making sure Kim and her guests are safe.”

"Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" will air over two nights in October. The behind-the-scenes special is slated to make its debut on Sunday, October 9, with the second part airing the following day, and is expected to be one of the highest rated shows ever on E!.

How's that for creating a monster?