Kim Kardashian's Poll About Kanye West Got More Votes Than Iowa Caucus

So help me God.
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On Feb. 1, Kim Kardashian tweeted a poll that may forever shake the foundation of American democracy. Going head-to-head with the Iowa presidential caucus on the same day, Kardashian asked her Twitter audience what Kanye West's new album should be called.

She got more votes than the entire Iowa caucus.

The exact tally for people partaking in the Iowa caucus is still unknown. But according to an article published by the Des Moines Register earlier today, Republicans had around 180,000 caucusgoers while Democrats had an amount likely less than 240,000.

Combining these two rough numbers gives us an estimate of 420,000 total participants.

That number is less than the 439,102 votes in Kim Kardashian's poll:

This, of course, probably means nothing.

Unlike Monday's caucus, Kim Kardashian's poll was not limited to just Iowa residents, which was confirmed when I personally partook in the vote yesterday despite never stepping foot in Iowa. I voted for "SO HELP ME GOD."

The poll about Kanye's new album also did not restrict Twitter users from voting multiple times with different accounts. It is unclear whether this sort of voting fraud took place.

Voting in a caucus is also way more complicated than clicking a button on Twitter.

Also, Twitter is having various troubles at the moment, which should cause at least some doubt over the legitimacy of their polling methods.

The results of these two contests will probably have no ramifications on West's bid for the White House, which he revealed at the 2015 VMAs.

Still, though, there were more votes in the Kim Kardashian poll about Kanye's new album name than the Iowa caucus.

Take what you will from this fact.

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