Kim Kardashian To Kate Middleton: Happy Birthday, We Made You A Shoe! (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton -- two women whose names are always buzzing around the media, yet who could not be more different.

Sure, they both had large televised weddings. But Kim puts her life on display on reality TV, Twitter and the like... while the duchess carefully guards her privacy and rarely speaks to the press.

Kim favors oversized sunglasses, leopard print, sky-high platform pumps and skintight dresses... while Catherine is known for her flattering sheath dresses, solid colors, inconspicuous jewelry and sensibly low heels.

And one more thing: Kim is tabloid royalty, while Catherine is actual royalty.

So we had a good laugh when Kim, being a total sweetheart, recorded a heartfelt message for Catherine's birthday in which she declares her love for the duchess' personal style.

Check out Kim's video, in which she presents a special edition Shoedazzle heel called The Duchess to the British royal for her 30th b-day. Then, for kicks, take a quick look at how truly different Kim and Kate's personal styles really are.