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Kim Kardashian: More Stylish Than Kate Middleton? (POLL)

Some designers seem to think so.

If you thought that there was nothing to the unofficial feud between Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton, things just got extra heated. The fashion world is asserting that the reality star has more influence than the duchess has when it comes to sparking trends. Oh no they didn't.

It's no secret that "The Duchess Effect" can turn normally calm store-goers into ravenous, garment-hungry shoppers (remember that Rebecca Taylor jacket that sold out in a mere 30 minutes?). But now, Roland Mouret, one of Kate's go-to designers, has said that she wields a little less fashion power than another public figure: Kim K.

“You don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like [Kate]. To be honest, we’re more likely to get orders on a dress that Kim Kardashian’s worn,” he told The Telegraph.

Somewhere in Los Angeles in a skin-tight maternity dress Kim is quite satisfied with herself. After all, she was reportedly snubbed by the 30-year-old royal during her recent trip to London when Kate returned a parcel of clothing sent by the Kardashian clan. Interestingly enough, both ladies have one thing in common style-wise: a taste for high street. Kate has become known for her many looks from Reiss and Zara, while Kim prefers to wear her own line from Dorothy Perkins.

Oh and there was also that time when they both wore the same Alexander McQueen look, but we're still trying to forget that happened.

So which lady comes out on top when it comes to influencing the masses and translating that into big bucks for a label? That's a little hard to tell for sure, so we'll leave it up to you.

After all, Kim and Kate have very different style...

Outrageous Kim...

Kim Kardashian vs. Kate Middleton

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