Kim Kardashian Just Hit Sister Kourtney With Another Devastating Insult

It's on par with Kim calling Kourtney "the least exciting to look at."

Kim Kardashian just can’t stop roasting her sister Kourtney.

In the latest season of Hulu’s “Kardashians” reality series, Kourtney is mad about Kim’s decision to collaborate with Dolce & Gabbana, the fashion house that designed all of the looks for Kourtney’s 2022 wedding to musician Travis Barker. Kourtney accuses Kim of drawing inspiration from her nuptials for her forthcoming D&G collection, and claims that Kim was miserable at last year’s wedding.

“I see it like, ‘Oh, you were there, you weren’t happy,’” Kourtney tells her sister Kendall Jenner in Episode 4 of the season. “Everyone said something to me, all my friends. They were all, like, ‘She’s, like, spiraling.’”

In Episode 5, Kim chats with her sister Khloé about the drama ― and unleashes a major dig at the “Lemme” founder.

“I have heard that her friends were riling her up,” Khloé says of Kourtney. “Her words were, ‘Everyone thinks this is the weirdest thing.’”

“She’s saying ‘every one of her friends,’ but she doesn’t have any friends,” Kim replies. “So, Travis?”


Khloé doesn’t say anything about the shady comment, but her eyes widen as she looks away and tries to hide a smile.

Kim has made headlines for throwing daggers at Kourtney on prior seasons of the show.

During a disagreement about the family’s Christmas card shoot in 2018, Kim went off on her older sister and her behavior.

“I need Kourtney to not be so fucking annoying with a stick up her ass, like she runs this shit, because she doesn’t,” Kim said at the time. “She is the least exciting to look at.”

Two years later, Kourtney and Kim got into a major physical fight on the show, which caused production to halt filming for a week.

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