Kim Kardashian's BFF Shuts Down Rumors She Pulled A Jordyn Woods With Kris Humphries

Are you exhausted? We're exhausted.

Much like organized crime families or pop star fan bases, the Kardashians prioritize loyalty over just about everything ― and we don’t exactly blame them, since they’ve been betrayed more times than anyone on “Game of Thrones.”

And everyone in their increasingly closed-off circle is wary of rocking the boat after Khloe Kardashian’s onetime boyfriend Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating on her with longtime family friend Jordyn Woods.

That’s why reports of Kim Kardashian’s best friend Larsa Pippen flirting with Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries at a party during the first weekend of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival raised a few more internet eyebrows than usual.

Coachella is, of course, the motherland for KarJenner types ― Kendall Jenner and Jordyn Woods even reportedly had an “awkward” run-in ― so it’s no surprise it would be ground zero for more drama.

Pippen and Humphries were reportedly spotted getting “playful” and “standing next to each other” while talking at the festival, according to Us Weekly.

The Kardashians have a contentious relationship with Humphries, who in 2011 tied the knot with Kim in a lavish televised ceremony, only to call it quits 72 days later. Family members have since spoken harshly about the former NBA player, with Khloe Kardashian describing him as a “fucking loser” in a 2016 interview.

Thankfully, it seems like we don’t have another Jordyn Woods scenario in the making, as Pippen has since set the record straight.

The model, who was one of the first people to call out Woods over the cheating scandal, was just as quick to shut down the rumors that she was potentially cozying up to Humphries. 

“The convo lasted all of 3 min. He told me he’s known Scottie since he was 14 and that he loves him and I said so do I,” she commented on an Instagram post. (Larsa Pippen was married to NBA legend Scottie Pippen for more than 20 years; the couple separated in November 2018.)

Honestly? We’re glad this mess cleared up quickly, because who knows if we could handle any more drama from this family... at least until the new season of their reality show premieres.