Another Day, Another Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

The resemblance sure is uncanny.

Kim Kardashian has another look-alike, and her name is Sonia. 

Sonia and her makeup artist sister, Fyza, run the Instagram account soniaxfyza. The most striking photos on the page are the ones of Sonia, who looks nearly identical to the reality star ...

My sister has the best makeup face 😍 makeup by me :) #soniaxfyza #lashes #glow

A photo posted by Sonia And Fyza Ali (@soniaxfyza) on

... With makeup, or without. 

"She is a beautiful woman so it is flattering, but my style is much different to hers," Sonia told The Huffington Post in an email. While she might look like the E! star, her life is a bit simpler. "I'm still a student so in my spare time I like to write up beauty posts and model for my sister who is a makeup artist. "

Using @tomford products only for this look 🙈❤️ - Sonia 🌸 #selfie #q8 #middleeast #kuwaitcity #nofilter

A photo posted by Sonia And Fyza Ali (@soniaxfyza) on

💕 #soniaxfyza pic whilst getting pampered at @edensalonspakw #kuwait #q8 #beautylover #middleeast

A photo posted by Sonia And Fyza Ali (@soniaxfyza) on

However, there is a Kardashian connection.  

Fyza, who regularly does Sonia's makeup, "was the first and the only UK Artist to be trained by Kim Kardashian's makeup artist," according to their blog

The sisters, who go between London and their home in the Middle East, do have an appreciation for the Kardashians.

“My sister and I always say how we like the way they made it acceptable to be dark-haired, tanned and curvy to society,” Sonia told BuzzFeed.


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