Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Lady Gaga Have Something Other Women Don't

Madonna literally changed the way women dressed. Her ability to keep us interested is a credit to her ability to leave us curious. This is the special gene that they all share
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Since I opened my retail store in the late sixties, a wonderful list of celebrity women have been wearing my clothes. The way women shop says so much about who they are and how well they know how to present themselves as the product celebrity or not.

Cher's personal style was notorious. She didn't use stylists and her self confidence and perfect body acted as her canvas. The award shows were so much fun to watch because Cher opened the door for celebrity self-expression and used these shows to undo the typical red carpet dress. Her style was part of "Cher" and she knew it is what you get people to say about your style that creates the buzz about you, even though she may never have actually spoke those words.

Fashion magazines proved that Cher's marketing skills were so appealing they wanted to document her on their pages making her an even more powerful influence on our culture.

Madonna literally changed the way women dressed. She created the style direction of the 80's and through MTV, we saw her use music videos as her platform to show her provocative personal style. Her instinct to radically change her hair, makeup, body, and selection of clothing was more than just a look transformation. Her ability to keep us interested even until today is a credit to her ability to leave us curious about what she was up to which meaning we were never left feeling tired or bored with Madonna.

There is a special gene that they all share and which Kim Kardashian has. It is the gene that makes them able to market personal style skill into a mega business. What does she do? She has us all talking about her and shopping her style whole using the internet as a marketing tool to sell her clothing and her products with great success.

While Cher opened the door to self-expression in personal marketing, Madonna's brilliance has been untouchable until Lady Gaga. She has used her skills to make Twitter and social media to expand her reach. This reach is unbelievable and, in turn, Lady Gaga can be recognized as the most modern incarnation of women with this same special gene.

We love her and all the others for entertaining us and showing us that marketing a business success isn't always dressed in a pinstripe suit, and that female ingenuity can find it's way to success in the most imaginative ways.

Madonna in Italian Vanity Fair, 1991 (In Vintage Norma Kamali)

Cher on the cover of TV Radio Mirror, 1977

Kim Kardashian in a Norma Kamali Swimsuit

Lady Gaga in Norma Kamali

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