Here's Why Kim Kardashian Didn't Realize Her Makeup Brushes Look Like Dildos

"See I usually see, like, darker colors."
11/06/2017 05:08pm ET

Jennifer Lawrence may have just conducted Kim Kardashian’s most revealing interview yet.

Lawrence played guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week and interviewed the reality icon ― one of her own personal icons ― on a range of hard-hitting issues: namely farting in front of husband Kanye West and the phallic shape of her KKW Beauty makeup brushes.

After presenting a flesh-colored contour brush from the collection to the audience, Lawrence, implying that the brush looked more like a sex toy than a cosmetics tool, admitted to Kardashian the brush was “not at all what she thought it was for.”

“It wasn’t necessarily the flesh color that made me think it was a dildo,” Lawrence laughed.

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But if simply hearing Lawrence and Kardashian talk about dildos weren’t funny enough, Kardashian’s response was also pretty epic.

“See I usually see, like, darker colors,” she said to tremendous laughter from the audience, “so that didn’t come to mind until after the fact when I was posting it on social media, and I was like oh sh*t, this looks like a dildo.”

“I didn’t notice ’cause it was so white,” Lawrence quipped back.

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