Kim Kardashian Shares Makeup-Free Selfie, The Rarest Of All Kardashian Selfies

If there is one thing we know in life to be true, it's that Kim Kardashian loves taking selfies.

Seriously, the woman took over 1,200 of herself on a recent trip to Thailand as part of a "selfie book" (which is not actually a thing people do) for Kanye West, who was unable to join the family on their vacation.

Needless to say, Kardashian doesn't tire of snapping pictures of her own face. Ever. But on this day -- July 31 -- she took the rarest of all the Kardashian selfies. Yes, Kim shared a makeup-free selfie with her massive Instagram following.

Rarer than the bikini selfie, the butt selfie (or belfie if you prefer), and far, far rarer than the standard duckface pucker, Kardashian stripped off the makeup to expose her true self to the world, and to promote her sister Kendall Jenner's LOVE magazine cover.



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