Kim Kardashian Stayed In On New Year's Eve, Too

Game nights are underrated.

If you chose to not pay hundreds of dollars to enter a club filled with strangers sweatily kicking back shelf vodka tonics this New Year's Eve, you're not alone.

The social queen herself, Kim Kardashian, stayed home this Dec. 31, for a game night in with friends and family members including Caitlyn Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kanye West, Carla DiBello and Tracy Nguygen.

Personally, we're pro French braids and a sweatshirt being the new little black dress and heels. 

It's possible that this particular crowd was ready for an evening of couch chilling in casuals after attending Kris Jenner's famous annual Christmas Eve party earlier this holiday season. The family pulled out the black lace and sequins for the event, whose guest list also included Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Toni Braxton and Hailey Baldwin. 

Oh, and also Santa. Duh. 

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