Kim Kardashian Hilariously Inserted Herself Into Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift's VMAs Twitter Fight

"Imma let you finish but..."

In the middle of Minaj expertly shutting Swift down, explaining none of her tweets were directed at the "Bad Blood" singer, Kardashian tweeted and then quickly deleted a snap from her latest photo shoot with the well-timed caption, "Imma let you finish but..."


Of course, that's a now infamous reference to what Kardashian's husband Kanye West said when he interrupted Swift's speech after she won Best Female Video at the 2009 VMAs.

Kardashian deleted the photo, which was also posted on Instagram, and went on to claim it was all just a funny coincidence:

We're not sure if we're really buying that such a coincidence could occur the way the reality star claims, but it's not like she was the only celebrity to chime in.

Bruno Mars, who is nominated for four awards at the VMAs including Video of the Year for "Uptown Funk," saw Swift and Minaj go at it and knew what he had to do:

Meanwhile, former "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul had a sweet, if, ultimately naive solution:

Neither Swift nor Minaj has taken him up on the offer at this time.

Update: On Thursday, Swift apologized to Minaj.

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