Kim Kardashian Says That Her Baby Will Not Appear On Any Kardashian Reality Shows (VIDEO)

In a move sure to surprise many of her fans, Kim Kardashian announced on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that her baby won't be appearing on any of the Kardashian family reality shows. She was on the show with her sister, Kourtney, whose children are a big part of the franchise.

"When the baby’s old enough, and ... he or she decides that’s what they want to do, then that’ll be a decision," Kim said. It's a rather bold prediction for Kim to say that these shows will still be on the air when her child reaches the age where he or she could make such a decision, but the family has displayed tremedous staying power thus far.

Kim and Kanye are taking this newfound privacy thing seriously, too. According to Us Weekly, there might not even release any pictures of the new baby until he or she is six-months-old. So there won't be a huge televised event after that whole wedding fiasco.

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