Kim Kardashian's Oprah Confession: She's 'Lasered Everything,' Feels 'Pretty'

Kim Kardashian: I've Lasered Everything

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has streamlined her look as of late, but last night the reality star dished to Oprah about exactly what it takes to look so, er, sleek. "I've lasered everything," Kim told Winfrey on the set of "Oprah's Next Chapter."

Kim is not one to be shy about her hair-related issues (or any of her issues, for that matter). She publicly endorsed both No!No! and TRIA hair removal products in the past year alone. (She even got into a bit of a legal squabble with the former company because of the conflict that the double-product-endorsement created, defending herself under oath by claiming she was "Armenian and hairy.")

Referring to herself as a "girly-girl," the Vogue model goes on to tell Oprah just how extensive her beauty routine is, calling it a "job." We can only imagine how much time it takes her to do her eye-makeup alone, so kudos to her for the major commitment to getting rid of body hair.

When Oprah asked Kim if she considers herself "beautiful," she seemed to get a bit self-conscious:

I hate to talk about myself like that. I'm so critical. I'm the first one to look at a picture of me and [say] no, no, no -- I'm very critical on myself.

But don't feel too bad for Kim. She made sure to add, "I do feel pretty." So it sounds like all of that hard work paid off. Do you think that Kim's time-consuming regimen is worth it?

Check out the clip below of Kim gushing about her beau Kanye during the interview and tell us what you think.

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