Kim Kardashian Is Getting Her Own True Crime Documentary On The Oxygen Network

It will not be called "Keeping Up with Kriminal Justice Reform."

Budding attorney Kim Kardashian is set to bring her passion for criminal justice reform to the small screen with a two-hour documentary on the Oxygen network about her rebirth as an activist and related work.

“Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project” pulls inspiration from the reality star’s work to secure clemency for first-time nonviolent drug offender Alice Marie Johnson, 63, who had been sentenced to life behind bars. Kardashian lobbied the Trump White House to commute Johnson’s sentence, finally meeting with President Donald Trump in June 2018 to discuss the case. He granted her request within days.

Since then, Oxygen said, Kardashian has made it “her personal mission to lobby for systematic change and advocate for the men and women who she and her legal experts believe have been unfairly sentenced.” That, and achieving a consistent perma-drenched look, as if she’s constantly stepping out of an outdoor shower or, perhaps, a baptismal pool.

“Now, as she pursues her own career in law” ― great to hear she’s more serious about that than her book club ― “Kardashian is dedicating both personal resources and her public platform to the cause,” the network stated, going on to call the upcoming doc a “never before seen look inside her mission to tackle one of America’s most controversial subjects.” 

A premiere date has not been set.

A few “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alums at Bunim Murray Productions will be executive producers along with Kardashian herself. 

Oxygen’s announcement included a whole new slate of shows in line with the true-crime-all-the-time format it adopted back in 2017.

Murderino icon Paul Holes, the retired lead investigator who worked for years to help solve the Golden State Killer case, is getting a show of his own about cold cases across the country, “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes,” after recently launching a podcast on the subject.

A show hosted by Casey Anthony obsessive Nancy Grace is also in the works along with a series on the infamous West Memphis Three case ― which sent three teens to prison for nearly two decades for the alleged murders of three 8-year-old boys ― in addition to series on other cold cases and mysteries.

One, titled “Florida Man,” needs no explanation at all.