Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun At Her 72-Day Marriage With Sweet Photo

Turns out quickie marriages run in the family!

Kim Kardashian has a good sense of humor about her short-lived marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries. 

The 38-year-old reality star brought up her second marriage in a post about her grandmother, known to family and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fans as “MJ.” MJ had her own nuptials that didn’t last long, according to Kardashian.

“I just found this pic of my beautiful grandma MJ at her 1st wedding. It lasted just 2.5 months and her family spent all they had on this wedding,” she wrote.

“She felt so bad but followed her heart. Kinda sounds familiar lol,” Kardashian joked. “She’s always taught me to follow my heart and do what I want to do no matter what! I love you MJ (and how much does Kendall look like MJ!!!).” 

Kardashian and Humphries tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in August 2011. Their union lasted 72 days before Kardashian filed for divorce in October 2011, though it was later finalized in April 2013. 

Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner attempted to stop the marriage the night before the two were supposed to meet at the altar. 

“The night before, my mom pulled me aside, off camera, and was like, ‘This isn’t it for you. Why don’t you go away and I’ll handle it?’” Kardashian told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017. “I felt like, if I pulled out now, everyone’s going to think I just did it for the show.”

She added, “Afterwards, people were saying, ‘You have to stay married for a year,’ but I physically couldn’t do it. When I made the decision [to divorce], everyone said it was made up for the show. Everyone really wanted to take me down.” 

The two at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in October 2011. 
The two at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in October 2011. 

But Kardashian says she knew the marriage was officially over on the honeymoon. Still, her reasons for wanting to go through with the marriage at the time weren’t that unusual. 

“I just thought, ‘Holy shit, I’m 30 years old, I better get this together. I better get married,’” she told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” last year. 

“I think a lot of girls do go through that where they freak out thinking they’re getting old and have to figure it out, all their friends are having kids. It was more of that situation,” she added. 

Kardashian, who has been married three times, eventually tied the knot with now-husband Kanye West in 2014. The two have three children together: North, Saint and Chicago. 



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