Dressing Like A Rock Star Includes More Than Leather (PHOTOS)

Leather and studs aren't just for the S&M crowd.

Pink, one of our favorite (and most outspoken) stars just hit the stage in a black leather jacket, smudged eye makeup and a teased pompadour in Australia to promote her album "The Truth About Love." The "honorary lesbian" worked the stage like a rock 'n roll pro, naturally. However, rocker style is no longer reserved for the on-stage set.

Though we will always be inspired by rock 'n roll legends like Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Jett, leather and studs have become almost commonplace amongst the fashionable. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and even Jennifer Aniston have been spotted in sleek black leather, and famed fashion house Valentino has made studs sweet for their best-selling (and highly coveted) "Noir" collection, where the embellishment was attached to everything from kitten heels to trench coats. Hedi Slimane's debut collection for Saint Laurent Paris also drew heavily on rock n' roll inspiration from the '70s.

But it takes more than just leather and studs to dress like a rocker. Tough-girl clothes and accessories, plus an attitude of insouciance, combined with the right beauty tips will get you there. It's also important to balance out your look with feminine elements, lest you look like you're channeling the S&M style that was so popular a few seasons ago. Luckily for us, this trend is right in time for the cooler temperatures.

Here, 18 celebrities rockin' out, plus a few tips on how to wear the rock 'n roll trend.

How To Dress Like A Rocker

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