Saint West Allowed Kim Kardashian To Capture His Glorious Presence On Snapchat

That’ll be $1,000, Mom.

This more we see of Saint West, the more we're convinced that he falls in the Kardashian, not Kanye, camp. Proof, you say? Look no further than his pose in a Snapchat mom Kim Kardashian shared of baby 'Ye on Thursday.

Finger in the mouth and a vacant stare? That's a Kylie Jenner classic.

After waiting weeks for another glimpse at Saint, he graced social media looking as adorable as ever. In the Snap, which Kardashian later shared on Instagram, Saint, wearing a white onesie, lies on what we can only assume are sheets boasting an impossibly high thread count.  


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Kim, who admittedly throws around the term "twin" loosely, also noticed the strong family resemblance in a series of tweets shared early Friday morning. 

"Saint is my twin!" she wrote.  

“Yeah we have the same eyes. def a good mix of both of us but he is more me, I think,” Kim continued, replying to her followers on Twitter. “I mean North's baby pics look like mine too but Saint i think looks more like me and North like Kanye.”

The last time we saw the son of Yeezus' face was all the way in March, and he's already grown more since then. Just give E! a couple months to announce the new reality series "Saint and Penelope Take The Ball Pit." 

"You're the sun in my morning babe," Kardashian captioned the photo. 

You're the sun in my morning babe

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We may not see him often, but as dad Kanye West said, "Saint is baby 'Ye, I ain't worried 'bout him."



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