Kim Kardashian Says Goodbye To Obama With Family Photo And Now We're Crying Just Like North

Also, Kanye smiling.

In this political edition of “Stars, They’re Just Like Us!” Kim Kardashian bid farewell to now **deep breath** former President Barack Obama on Friday with a series of family photos and now we need a moment to emotionally recover. 

The reality TV star shared some throwback photos of husband Kanye West and daughter North meeting Obama on her app to thank the outgoing POTUS for his eight years in office. And for those who prefer not to set their hard-earned money on fire by subscribing to the app, Kardashian also blessed us with three pics on Instagram. 

“Thank you Mr. President. You will be missed!” she captioned a photo of herself mid-conversation with Obama. 

Thank you Mr. President. You will be missed!

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What an era! I posted some amazing memories on my website/app! I can't wait to show these to my kids one day! 🇺🇸

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Apparently, North was less than thrilled with the visit because, according to Kim’s caption, she fell and proceeded to cry as much as we did watching the inauguration. 

“Oh Northie!!! North fell and was crying so Potus gave her White House M&M’s. She smiled when I opened the box but I wanted to save them for memories so wouldn’t let her eat them so she cried again,” she captioned the photo. 

Taking candy from a baby, Kim?



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