Kim Kardashian Says Naming Her Shapewear Line ‘Kimono’ Was An Innocent Mistake

The reality TV star announced last week she would change the name of the line after receiving backlash.

Kim Kardashian West hasn’t really apologized for initially naming her forthcoming shapewear line “Kimono,” but in an interview with WSJ Magazine, she sought to explain the reasoning for the misstep.

“You would think we would have obviously thought it through a little bit deeper,” Kardashian West told the magazine, per People. She had faced accusations of cultural appropriation for naming the brand of figure-shaping undergarments after a traditional Japanese robe.

“I’m the first person to say, ‘Okay, of course, I can’t believe we didn’t think of this,’” she told the magazine. “I obviously had really innocent intentions. But, let’s listen. And I want to really listen. And I want to really take it all in.”

Last week the 38-year-old reality TV star announced plans to change the name — after receiving backlash and a letter from Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto, Japan, asking Kardashian-West to “re-consider your decision of using the name Kimono in your trademark.”

Yet, despite Kardashian-West’s promise to rename her line and acknowledgment that she messed up, she has not used the words “I’m sorry” in any of her public posts.

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