Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams Friends: Reality Star, Tennis Player Hang Out In LA (PHOTO)

Wait, Kim Kardashian And Serena Williams Are Friends?

Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams are... friends? That's right, the unlikely pair stepped out to glammy restaurant Nobu Tuesday night in Los Angeles, and aired the details of their date over Twitter, natch. "I simply cannot get out of bed," the 31-year-old tennis star wrote on her Twitter page earlier in the day, to which Kardashian responded, "U better! We have dinner tonight!"

Of course, the pair did end up dining out together, with Kardashian instantly posting evidence of their outing on her Instagram. "Fun girls night!!! But where's my nose @serenawilliams ??? Lol #tooflashy" the pregnant 32-year-old reality star wrote, sharing this photo of the two of them.

kim kardashian serena williams

Kardashian and Williams aren't the only odd coupling in Hollywood, of course. Check out more unlikely friendships in our gallery below.

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