Kim Kardashian Looks Glam In Sheer Dress At Kanye West's Show In Chicago

Things have been pretty black and white for Kim Kardashian lately -- at least when it comes to her wardrobe.

With the exception of an all-gold outfit the 33-year-old donned to the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast earlier this month, it's become expected that Kardashian will step out in an all-black, or all-white ensemble. It's also become increasingly easy to predict that she'll be rocking something sheer, just like she did in Chicago on Dec. 18 to watch fiance Kanye West's second show in the city.

The reality star posted an Instagram photo, in which she found a way to cover herself from head-to-toe and still give the cameras what they want. Kardashian looked glamorous in a sheer black turtleneck dress that exposed her bra, and paired it with a black fur-trimmed jacket.

We're banking on the likelihood of this being one of Kim's (or Kanye's) favorite looks, since she wore a very similar getup while she was in New York in November.



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