Kim Kardashian Sides With Blac Chyna Over Messy Brother Rob Drama

"He should just know better."

The Kardashian women are finally speaking out about what went down between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

In case you forgot, the couple, who have a child together, are still embroiled in a multi-pronged legal battle after he posted explicit photos of her on his Instagram account, likely violating the revenge porn law in California. 

In a clip from this past Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode, Kim and Khloé Kardashian react to their brother’s social media outburst and shed some light on the family’s opinion of his tumultuous relationship. 

“Did you see how I just went off on Rob in our group text?” Kim said. “I couldn’t take it.”

Khloé suggests there’s a “plus and a minus” to the situation, saying there’s no way Rob and Chyna could reconcile after this ― which apparently is a good thing. 

“The negative is just that, like, with Rob having sisters, he should just know better,” Kim added. “He should have just, like, controlled himself.”

However, Khloéwho’s been known to come to Rob’s defense over the years, refused to go too hard on her brother. 

“It just sucks,” she said. “He’s made out to [be] this bad guy when [Chyna] is taunting him. Love makes you do fucked-up things. Do you think anyone’s proud of that? No. You don’t fuck with someone’s heart and emotions.”

Rob’s Instagram meltdown led Chyna to obtain a restraining order and fed into a bitter custody battle over their daughter, Dream. The two eventually agreed to joint custody, but they’ve gone back and forth in court over allegations of domestic abuse, vandalism and extortion. 

“So Rob and Chyna have officially broken up, but they obviously still have to communicate for the custody of Dream,” Khloé said. “They’re still having a hard time getting along. The legal battle that has been going on between the two of them has been super frustrating. I feel like this is escalating to a place that none of us could have ever imagined.”

Watch the clip above and tune into “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Sundays on E!.

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