Kim Kardashian Rocks Spandex Leggings, Somehow Manages To Look Glam After SoulCycle

Anyone who has ever taken a spinning class at SoulCycle knows that it's common to emerge drenched in sweat, and yet Kim Kardashian managed to leave the high-intensity class on Monday, March 10, looking photo-shoot ready.

The 33-year-old new mom was spotted by photographers as she left the Beverly Hills studio in a skintight black top and matching spandex leggings. Kardashian looked full-on glam after her workout, with nary a hair out of place and a face full of makeup -- leaving us with a couple of questions.

Did she shower, re-apply her makeup, blowout her hair, and put her gym clothes back on before leaving? Or does Kim Kardashian simply not sweat quite like the rest of us.

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