Kim Kardashian Gives Speech At Harvard Business School

“I think a lot of people don’t respect her as someone who is co-running a multi-billion-dollar company,” said Liz, a student who attended Kardashian's seminar.

Kim Kardashian visited Harvard Business School as a guest lecturer Friday to speak about SKIMS, her multi-billion dollar shapewear company, according to NBC10 Boston. The reality TV star was accompanied by a camera crew and spent an hour and 45 minutes on campus.

“I think a lot of people don’t respect her as someone who is co-running a multi-billion dollar company,” a student named Liz, who attended the seminar, told the outlet.

“Just to learn from someone who has built such a successful business was really exciting, and I think having the privacy of no cameras in the room, being able to have that candid conversation was special too,” Liz continued.

Kardashian, who launched Boston-based private equity firm Skyy Partners last year and became a staunch advocate for prison reform, chronicled her trip in true Kardashian fashion — and posted an Instagram video of her 6 a.m. workout before visiting the Boston Common.

After sharing a photo of the newly-unveiled Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, “The Embrace,” Kardashian headed to Harvard. She posted a video of the snow-covered campus before her class, “Moving Beyond: Direct to Consumer,” began, per The Boston Globe.

“The exciting part is to sit down with these founders and figure out what their dream is,” Kardashian told The Wall Street Journal about Skyy in September. “I want to support what that is, not change who they are in their DNA, but just support and get them to a different level.”

Not everyone was as enthusiastic as Kardashian, however. While faculty support specialist Maddie Yardley gleefully captioned a video of Kardashian’s arrival on Twitter, some felt the reality TV star had no place at Harvard — and expressed those feelings on social media.

“Kim Kardashian was born into wealth,” one person tweeted.

“Attempted to use a sex tape to launch an acting or singing career; neither launched,” they continued. “Kim K was wealthy enough to make a scripted reality TV show work because she & her family are shameless. Harvard is just as tacky as the Kardashians now.”

However, Kardashian has something to offer Harvard’s students, as Forbes valued SKIMS at $3.2 billion last year. Her influence, meanwhile, led to meetings with former President Donald Trump and clemency for people convicted with exorbitant sentences like Alice Johnson.

In the end, keeping up with the Kardashians is a dogged pursuit that has now taken followers to Harvard.

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