Kim Kardashian Spotted In Public With North West For First Time Since Giving Birth

Almost two months to the day after giving birth to her daughter, Kim Kardashian and North West were finally spotted in public.

On Wednesday, photographers snapped photos as the 32-year-old reality star came out of hiding for an appointment at a Los Angeles medical center. The outing was a family affair with boyfriend Kanye West and their baby in tow. However, it was not the infant's first official photo shoot, as she was completely obscured by a blanket that covered her seat.

Kardashian, however, was in clear view and we have to say she looked great. The reality star appeared super-casual, sporting black leggings with an oversize button-down denim shirt, and a sweater tied around her waist.

Since Kardashian became a mom back in June she's largely stayed out of the public eye, with the exception of a few teases online and on her mother's talk show. Now that she's been spotted out for the first time, we wonder just how long it will be until we're seeing her everywhere again.

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