Kim Kardashian's Topless Photo Is Not What You'd Expect To Find In A Wedding Album

Generally, when you wish your friends happy birthday, does it in involve the sharing of topless photos? We didn't think so, but you, gentle reader, are not Kim Kardashian, of the Calabasas Kardashians.

The 33-year-old broke out a topless photo in which she's only wearing very sheer black tights to wish dear friend Riccardo Tisci a happy birthday.

The Creative Director of Givenchy designed Kardashian's wedding gown, and it looks like they were fitting the bride-to-be with her wedding veil in the photo. While it's pretty common to snap photos of the the bride getting dolled up before the big event, topless Polaroids don't exactly top the list of snapshots you'd expect to find in a wedding album.

We're just not going to question it because Kardashian just "can't wait to celebrate" tonight and they are partying in Ibiza, along with every celebrity in the world, apparently.



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