Kim Kardashian Tweets Barbie On Christmas, Continuing Confusing Trend

Kim Kardashian's Bizarre Tweets On Christmas Night

For a reality star, Kim Kardashian seems to have a precarious handle on real life. Or, just a tendency to tweet after a night of egg nog consumption. Either way, she took her tendency to talk to her "dolls" to a whole new level on Christmas night.

Kardashian sent out a series of tweets on Sunday evening, including two messages to the official Twitter account of Barbie. "Merry Christmas Barbs @BarbieStyle! Long time no see! What did Ken get you for Christmas? Miss you doll!" she wrote to the social media account of a fictitious plastic toy.

When the toy became sentient and responded, Kardashian added, "I'm sure we will be seeing lots of each other!Shopping soon!Xo RT @BarbieStyle: Happy Doll-idays to you too @KimKardashian! See you in 2012?"

So, what does this mean? One, it's the continuation of a trend that Kardashian began in 2009, when she played Barbie on the cover of Australia's Kurv Magazine. Perhaps it's hard to blame Kardashian for her confusion of real life and "reality." After all, every weekend she's forced to live tweet an episode of a TV show ("Kourtney and Kim Take New York") that depicts her in a seemingly fraudulent marriage that for the most part no longer exists.

Another theory: on Twitter, real and fictional people intermingle on such a regular basis that, so long as one has an avatar, it doesn't matter whether the words come from a human personality or an abstract entity or property being personified by a marketer. Kardashian sells her clothing and personal appearances on Twitter in the same way she shares her "thoughts," and she's even said that she is her own brand, her own product. In that case, perhaps her communicating with another brand and product isn't all that unnatural.

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