Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Dubai

Kim Kardashian arrived in Dubai Wednesday morning with mommy dearest, Kris Jenner by her side.

According to Us Weekly, the reality star was escorted through the airport and driven to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. "My hotel is so insane," she tweeted. "I'm obsessed with Dubai."

Kim's been tweeting more than usual on her trip to the United Arab Emirates, which really seems to have made an impression on her.

"Seriously the woman in Dubai are sooo gorgeous!!! I'm sure @RobKardashian is so jealous he didn't come w me! WOW these woman are beautiful!" she tweeted.

It's not just hotels and fun, Kim is always working, and on her first trip to the UAE, she's launching the first Millions of Milkshakes store outside the US, reports The National.

Kim's also launching her fragrance at a Sephora in the Dubai Mall and she's considering opening a branded hotel, reports the Wall Street Journal.

"I was telling my sisters, we've got to start up a hotel in Dubai and design all the different rooms and floors," she told reporters. "I like to pay attention what my fan base is really asking for, whether it's hair and make-up, clothing brands ... everything I think will be successful here and I look forward to getting to know the people here."

While Kim might be a workaholic she did make time to meet some dolphins and take a ride on a camel. Tonight she's expected to take a desert tour and try some belly dancing, reports Us Weekly.