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Kim Kardashian Was Clueless About Fashion In The '90s — Literally

The reality star shared a few hella tight photos of her Drew Barrymore, “Clueless” and grunge-inspired styles from back in the day.

This will leave you totally buggin’.

On Tuesday night, Kim Kardashian decided to take a walk down memory lane by showing off some of her childhood photo albums on Snapchat — and let’s just say some of her beauty and style choices from the early 1990s were all that and a bag of chips.

“I would dress like ‘Clueless’ on another level,” the reality star said in one of her posts, which made its way on to Instagram thanks to @kimksnapchats, an account dedicated to bringing Kim K’s snaps to the social media platform.

She also shared photos of her ninth-grade-self looking like she was in mad love with Drew Barrymore’s grunge-era style, which included tiny flowers in her hair and pencil thin eyebrows.

And speaking of grunge, Kardashian revealed that when she was 12 in 1992 she, like many kids at the time, was brimming with Nirvana-esque teen spirit and went through a rebellious rocker stage.

“But look at who is the coolest,” Kardashian says.

Fingers crossed she has — and shares — more photos of her rocking platform flip flops, a bucket hat or chunky highlights.