Kim Kardashian Wedding A Possible Publicity Stunt: Ex-Publicist

Immediately following her lightning-speed marriage and divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries, fans of Kim Kardashian -- perhaps feeling duped by the "fairytale" wedding -- began to lash out against the star. Now, Kardashian's ex-publicist is speaking his mind, too -- and calling the reality TV star's bluff.

"She knew weeks before getting married she didn't want to do it," said Kardashian's former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, on New York's "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" Wednesday. "She's never gotten over [her ex Reggie Bush]."

Jaxson says he frequently staged publicity stunts for Kardashian while working for her from 2007 to 2009. "I staged several of the moments that the world has seen of her, such as a ring that we alleged was from Reggie Bush."

In fact, Jaxson claims that the ring Kris Humphries proposed to her with is the same ring as the one that was used in that allegedly fake proposal.

Jaxson says that Kardashian definitely loved Humphries. But, contrary to Kardashian's mother Kris Jenner's claims, he says "there's no way that wedding cost them a dime." Jaxson also claims that the couple made money off their wedding: "They had a lot of contracts, they had endorsements. To say they weren't paid is a lot of foolish garbage." Despite hesitations about the marriage that Kardashian says she had in the weeks before her wedding, Jaxson alleges that she had to go through with the union because of her endorsement deals.

While Kardashian has not responded specifically to Jaxson's claims, she has adamantly denied allegations that her 72-day marriage was a sham: "Anyone that would get married for a TV show, it's just, you know, ridiculous," she says. "It's just sad that I even have to defend that."