Kim Kardashian Reveals What She'll Do When Momager Kris Jenner Retires

Kardashian has some thoughts on a possible transition of power should Jenner retire one day.

Kim Kardashian West has been doing amazing, sweetie, all these years thanks to Kris Jenner who’s helped shepherd her daughter’s career from the illustrious pages of K9 Magazine to the cover of Vogue.

But what happens when a momager goes into retirement? Well, while Jenner has never revealed exactly who she’ll leave the keys to the billion-dollar KarJenner kingdom to, Kardashian West has some thoughts on the matter.

In a new profile for WSJ. Magazine published on Monday and heralding the arrival of yet another brand deal ― this time a collaboration between her Skims apparel line and the luxury fashion house Fendi ― Kardashian West muses on a possible transition of power.

“If there’s a deal, it’s always my mom, me and our attorney talking it over,” Kardashian West said, noting that she frequently weighs in on her sisters’ various business dealings as well.

But despite those around the reality TV star who “expect her to take the reins” when Jenner decides to stop working one day, Kardashian West has other plans.

“We’ve talked about it. I would assemble a team of people to take over,” she said. “I hope it doesn’t happen for a really long time, because I’m really busy.”

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West pictured together in 2018.
Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West pictured together in 2018.
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

Should Kardashian West assume her mother’s responsibilities, it could prove to be highly lucrative, as Jenner revealed she takes a standard manager’s 10% cut from all her children’s deals during the reunion for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” this summer.

Kardashian West also made it clear that she’ll continue to look to ex-husband Kanye West for business advice despite their changing relationship status, revealing that he “will always be the most inspirational person to me.”

“He has a piece of Skims himself and gives [the team] inspiration but also information,” she explained, adding that he encouraged her to “simplify” and “condense” her brands into a single-stream situation. “I think he enjoys the process.”

As for Jenner, who turns 66 years old next month, she has consistently expressed her desire to stay in the game as long as possible.

“I don’t see myself retiring,” the momager said back in 2017. “Being busy and working hard is instrumental in a long, healthy life. I really believe that. I think you have to take care of yourself and treat yourself well and have treats along the way and vacations and this and that. But I really think that working really hard for a long time is important. It’s important for your mind, body and spirit.”

And, as the saying goes, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder, with the business mogul recently securing the family a massive contract to create new content for Hulu in the coming years.

Kardashian West has seemingly inherited a similar work ethic. “I don’t see me floating on a yacht,” she said, noting that her grandmother didn’t retire until her early 80s. “I think I’ll always feel good when I’m working.”

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