Kim Kardashian's Bizarre White Dress... Are Those Cutouts? (PHOTOS)

Are those... cutouts?

Kim Kardashian knows how to steal the show: wearing very little fabric.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur was on hand to open the Millions Of Milkshakes store at the Avenuees Mall in Kuwait City on Thursday. (OMG, we just got slammed with the WORST craving for milkshakes.)

But as Kim posed for photo opps and slurped on one of the Millions of Milkshakes, we were totally distracted by her frock. Not because it's white -- homegirl wears tons of that color. But her dress is totally missing something; more specifically, certain parts of it, as it gapped across her chest and near the elbows. Are those... cutouts? Mesh? We have a hunch they're mesh...

We do, however, dig the gold belt and white gold-capped pumps. But either way, the effect was very Xena the Warrior Princess gets married.

Squint with us below:

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

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