Kim Kardashian's Conversation With Heidi Montag In Her 'Hills' Cameo Doesn't Actually Make Any Sense

Yep, we over-thought this one.

On Tuesday, MTV used their 10-year anniversary special “The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now” to unearth the Kim Kardashian footage they originally cut from the show back in the day.

By now, you’ve likely seen her cameo, but her conversation with Heidi Montag doesn’t quite add up.

This bit in particular doesn’t really make sense:

Why? Well, the MTV VMAs were held in Las Vegas on Sept. 9, 2007, but Kardashian had just asked stepbrother Brody Jenner what he was doing for Memorial Day, which was Monday, May 28, of that year. That would have been a really long time to hang out in Las Vegas for the VMAs. And since the episode that Kardashian was cut from aired on Aug. 13, we know that didn’t happen, unless time travel is possible, or something. 

There was the possibility that she was talking about the MTV Movie Awards, which were held on June 3 ― but that show wasn’t in Vegas. (There are no photos of Kardashian at the awards, but she did go ham at the Style Lounge.)

There’s also the possibility that the confusion is due to editing. If you check out the time codes, it’s possible that Kardashian told Montag she was leaving for Vegas the next morning before Montag asked her about the VMAs. But it’s difficult to tell, since the clip shows two different shots that have been spliced together — you’d have to assume that “Camera B” was perfectly synced to “Camera A.”

There’s no real reason for MTV to edit something as insignificant as this, but it’s strange because it doesn’t fit any logical timeline. 



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