Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Weddi- Wait, What?

I was kinda sad this week when I heard that Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce.

A lot of people are saying that her marriage was all just a scam for publicity and money, and that they never had any intention of staying together.

As someone who has been dissected and scrutinized on the Internet, I don't really think it's cool to sit around and judge someone I don't know. So I'm not gunna do that.

But what I am gunna do is talk about what Kim said publicly on her website:

"Everyone that knows me knows that I'm a hopeless romantic! I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed into something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly... It just didn't turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for."

First of all, let me just say that I believe Kim. After all, she has tons of money and even more publicity already. I doubt she would fake a wedding to have more of what she already has enough of. But what does seem to be in short supply for Kim is true love.

In fact, in almost every episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she would bring up the fact that she wanted to get married and have kids and start a family of her own. So maybe she just rushed in a bit too soon when it looked like her dream might come true. That seems a lot more probable to me.

Because, honestly, I can relate to that. I mean, sure, I think about meeting my Prince Charming, and I dream of a fairy tale wedding, and living happily ever after. What girl doesn't? Even though that seems like forever away, it is something I think about from time to time.

And I'm a romantic too! Remember my last post? I believe a boy should ask a girl out and I believe a boy should hold a girl's door open. I think it's sweet. I know a lot of people might not agree, but it doesn't matter because I get to choose this for myself. Maybe I'm a little more traditional. And maybe my search will take a while, like Kim's, but in the end it has to be right or we have to say goodbye to our dream. So I admire that Kim refuses to give up on her dream.

I bet this is probably a very tough time for her. I think she feels like she disappointed everyone and like everyone is judging her. I think that's sad because it really is a good thing that she realized this wasn't right for her. Better now than after the babies came, right? In any case, I think it's really great that she has the support of her family right now.

In fact, I've always admired how all the Kardashians value the importance of family. You could see that by what Khloe and Kourtney said on their Twitters when news about Kim's divorce came out.

It makes me realize how lucky I am to have my family (especially with all the stuff that happened this year). Sometimes just having the support of your family makes everything better. And a lot of times, ice cream helps too!

So I think whatever flaws Kim may have (because no one's perfect), she and her family set a really good example of how a family can support each other, no matter what happens to them.

And I know one day Kim will find her Prince Charming. :)

Check out Kim's website here.