A Handy Guide To Kim Kardashian's Friends


Perhaps you are one of the 12.9 million people who follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, or one of the 19.7 million who follow her on Twitter. If you are, then you know that Kim Kardashian takes a lot of photos, and perhaps you've wondered: 'Just who are all the people she's posing with?'

Well, wonder no more, for here is a handy guide to Kim Kardashian's BFF's, pals and hangers-on:

Jonathan Cheban & Lala Anthony
Kim Kardashian
Kim refers to Jonathan Cheban and LaLa Anthony as her "OG crew," and they go way back. Cheban is the founder and former CEO of CommandPR and scored his own short-lived reality show, "The Spin Crowd," through his connections to Kardashian. There were rumors the two had a falling out, but judging by how often he shows up in her Instagram photos, they seem to have patched things up. Former MTV VJ-turned-actress, NBA wife and reality star LaLa Anthony describes Kim as "one of [her] closest friends," and publicly stood up for her when a radio show caller brought up Kim's reputation.
Larsa Pippen
Kim Kardashian
Kim is super tight with former "The Real Housewives of Miami" star and wife of NBA superstar Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen, who frequently turns up in the numerous photos Kim posts to her social media account. The ladies have been friends for years, and with four kids of her own, Larsa is the one Kim claims she turns to for parenting advice, which says a lot about their friendship.
Brittny Gastineau
Kim Kardashian
Brittny Gastineau is best known as Kim's BFF, though she was the first to nab her own reality show. "Gastineau Girls" followed Brittny and her mother Lisa's lives in New York City for two seasons before it was canceled in 2006. While their friendship started before either of them were ever on TV, it's been a rocky road. The pair reportedly had a falling out in 2011 after Brittny expressed her concern over Kim's decision to marry Kris Humphries after dating for just six months. When Kim's marriage ended 72 days after her wedding, the two mended fences when Kim realized Brittny had her best interest at heart.
Blac Chyna
Kim Kardashian
Black Chyna is one of the newer addition's to Kim's crew. The former stripper at the legendary King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, is currently dating rapper Tyga, and appeared alongside Nicki Minaj in Kanye West's video for "Monster." In recent months, she's been spotted hitting the gym with Kim, attending pole dancing classes, and of course posing alongside the reality star for sexy butt selfies.
Lorraine Schwartz
Kim Kardashian
Celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz has been draping Kim in diamonds for years and already designed two enormous engagement rings for the reality star, but their friendship apparently goes beyond a shared love of all that sparkle. The two are reportedly "good friends and always try to get together when they're both in the same city."
Carla DiBello
Kim Kardashian
Carla DiBello is an associate producer at Bumim/Murray Productions, which produces Kim's reality shows. After spending ALL that time with Kim and her family it's no wonder the two became pals.
Nicole Richie
Kim Kardashian
Former "Simple Life" star Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian have been friends since they were kids growing up in Beverly Hills. While they haven't always been the best of friends since their braces days, it seems like they have more in common now that they are both successful moms in Hollywood. Nicole attended Kim's baby shower in 2013, and can be seen rapping terribly alongside Kim's mom in a recent video that Kim shared online.
Allison Azoff
Kim Kardashian
One of Kim's oldest BFFs, Allison Azoff is the daughter of Kris Jenner's BFF Shelley Azoff, and has known the entire Kardashian clan since they were all children. In the past, she's been confused for North West's nanny and was one of the lucky few to attend Kim's over-the-top engagement to Kanye West.
Rachel Roy
Kim Kardashian
Yep, that's fashion designer Rachel Roy, who has a habit of showing up in Kim's photos.

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