Kim Kardashian's Wedding (LIVE UPDATES)

LIVE BLOG: Kim's Fairytale Wedding FINALE!

Okay, so it ain't exactly the Royal Wedding--though there have been, er, comparisons--but we can't pretend we haven't been looking forward to the Kardashian nuptials with at least some of the same shameless excitement that characterized William and Kate's Big Day.

From that day in 2007 when the Kardashian clan first landed in our living rooms in the form of their reality show, we've warmed to their peculiar charms (that may have something to do with the fact that you can literally see their faces on television at any given moment, any time of the day -- thank you, E! Network!) So we're not too proud to admit that we watched on Sunday night, and we're watching again Monday -- and don't pretend you aren't either. (We're hoping Kim and Kris actually tie the knot in the second part of this "fairytale"; did anyone else feel like they were watching an extra-long episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on Sunday?)

So pop the champagne and follow Part II of our live-blog for up-to-the-minute updates sure to sate your guilty-pleasure cravings for the week. Follow us on Twitter for even more live coverage of this, ahem, momentous event.

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