Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Weight Gain A Ploy To Score Weight Loss Deal, Claims Tabloid

Kim Kardashian can't seem to catch a break when it comes to tabloid reports about her pregnancy-related weight gain.

First came reports the reality star had gained 65 pounds, and was binge-eating due to fears that Kanye West will leave her, and sources claimed, “She’s terrified she’ll never get her body back."

Then the New York Post alleged that the 32-year-old was "publicly piling on the pounds to nail a weight-loss contract," and now, In Touch claims they can confirm that Kardashian is being encouraged by her "momager," Kris Jenner, to cash in on her baby weight.

“I wouldn’t put it past her to blow up just so her weight loss is more dramatic,” an insider who claims to be close to the star told In Touch, while another noted that Kim "knows what she’s doing by showing off her heavier figure and stuffing her face in public. The more she looks heavy and out of control with her eating, the more she will be worth. Everything Kim does is on purpose.”

While the Kardashian/Jenner clan are extremely business-savvy, and not ones to pass up a good opportunity, it seems more than doubtful that Kim (who had been going to the gym religiously in the early stages of her pregnancy) would be gaining weight for any reason other than that she's pregnant, which is what she is supposed to be doing.

A source close to Kardashian told the Huffington Post that In Touch's claims are completely false, and it should be noted that both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have gone on record to deny being in talks with the reality star as well. What's more, reports that Kim is gaining weight just to nab a contract make even less sense when you consider that the star is already a spokesperson for QuickTrim.

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