Kim Kardashian Compares Butts With Blac Chyna In Sexy Selfie

If aliens ever landed on planet earth and needed to be quickly debriefed on American culture, we could tell them everything there is to know by explaining individualism, democracy and Kim Kardashian's butt. Kim's butt is, indeed, so ubiquitous, that it is hard to talk about butts without hers as reference point. And yet, she is apparently not satisfied with the impressive circumference of her backside.

Alas, the new mom posted a picture next to her unlikely workout buddy Blac Chyna, captioning the photo with the praying emoji, which we interpret as praying for Chyna's butt.

To be fair, the praying emoji can indicate a number of different things in this context. Perhaps Kim and Chyna were getting ready for church. It's possible they were attempting to criticize the worship of false idols, such as physical fitness and those questionable Shape-Up shoes. Except, Kim was probably just praying for Chyna's butt.

Kim Kardashian's Butt