Kim Zolciak Hits Back At Wendy Williams For Saying She Faked Her Stroke

"Absolutely appalling!! ... How disgusting for you to insinuate I 'faked' my mini stroke."

Last week, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak revealed she had a transient ischemic attack, or "mini stroke," following a performance on "Dancing with the Stars." 

The 37-year-old had shared a photo from her hospital bed on Instagram with a lengthy caption.

The last 24hrs have been [a] whirlwind! I landed yesterday morning from LAX (took the red eye right after DWTS) I got home and within minutes suffered a TIA (mini stroke) the left side of my body went completely numb and my speech was gone. Extremely grateful for @sladeosborne @briellebiermann @nikitpressley @kroybiermann for quick reactions! I have 100% of my feeling back THANK GOD. Still in the hospital but I just know I'm getting released today! #CrazyAgeDoesntMatter.  

While fans and followers shared their support in the comments,TV personality Wendy Williams and celebrity gossip website Naughty Gossip were busy accusing the reality star of faking the whole thing as a way to gain more votes on "DWTS." 

Zolciak took to social media to hit back at her haters, calling them "appalling" and "disgusting." 

Haters gonna hate.  

Zolciak, who was released from the hospital on Friday, is recovering at home with her family. She has since regained her movement and speech, but according to TMZ she hasn't received clearance to return to "DWTS" just yet. 


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