Kimberly Dozier Leaving The Associated Press

Kimberly Dozier, a top intelligence reporter for the Associated Press, is leaving the news organization and will become a contributing writer at The Daily Beast.

Dozier did not respond directly to a request from The Huffington Post, but an AP spokesman confirmed she's leaving.

Dozier covered the Iraq War for CBS News and was wounded in a 2006 car bombing, an experience she described in her memoir, "Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Report and Get Back to the Fight."

She later worked for CBS News in Washington, covering the White House and Pentagon, before joining the AP in March 2010.

Update: 2:40 p.m.: Dozier emails:

After a terrific 4 years with some of the finest professionals I have ever worked with at the AP, I'm leaving to be a contributing writer at The Daily Beast, and to work on a long-term writing project on resiliency and special operations and intelligence.

Other announcements forthcoming next week on other ways I've found to share the lessons of the past decade, and support my writing habit. Stay tuned!