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Kimberly Brown Arrested After Yelling At Mom For Hitting Her With Frisbee

There's an old saying that the family that plays together stays together, but, apparently, the Brown family of Fort Mill, S.C., didn't get the memo -- at least before they started playing Frisbee.

Officers were called to the Brown house shortly after midnight on Dec. 29 in reference to an argument between a mother and daughter, the Charlotte Observer reported.

When officers arrived, they heard Kimberly Brown, 23, shouting profanities at her mother, Latina Brown, 39, and smelled an odor that suggested the presence of alcoholic beverages, according to the police report.

Kimberly Brown told the responding officer that the two were playing Frisbee in the house when her mother struck her in the face with the toy.

Latina Brown told a slightly different story, saying that her daughter became angry because she was having trouble catching the Frisbee, the report stated. Latina also told the officer that when her daughter became "loud and boisterous," she became concerned that her neighbors were going to complain about the noise to her landlord.

Officers determined that Kimberly's behavior had, as the report put it, "disrupted the tranquility of the residence and neighborhood," she was arrested and taken to the Fort Mill Police Department and charged with breach of peace, the South Carolina Herald reported.

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