Kimberly Crain, Oklahoma Teacher, Resigns After Allegations Of Filming Students In Lingerie (VIDEO)

Teacher Resigns After Filming Students In Lingerie

According to an affidavit obtained by KWTV, one student told her parents that the teacher had them change into Christmas-themed bras and panties. Afterwards, Crain filmed and took photos of them while they ate pizza and decorated the tree.

The affidavit mentions further suspicious activity, KFOR reports.

One student in Crain's class said the teacher "has all the kids in her class Skype over the computer with an older man wearing glasses named 'Uncle G' and that "three to four times a week she would take photos of particular girls in the class posing on the desk and chairs using her personal cell phone," the station reports.

District Superintendent Doran Smith said the allegations are "very serious and very concerning," The Oklahoman reports.

The report also states that authorities have issued a search warrant for Crain's residence, and all attempts by the paper to get a comment from the teacher were unsuccessful.

Earlier this month, 9th grade science teacher Dave McMillen resigned after a student found a camera hidden underneath a classroom desk.

Investigators approached the incident as a case of voyeurism, and issued a search warrant to obtain the camera memory cards and computers from the teacher's home.

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