The Lowdown on Last Night's <i>American Idol</i>

It was a very successful night for the top 9 and seeing another one of them go home will be a real downer.
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Wow! What a killer week! Top 40 week makes me so jealous.

Well, Anoop transformed into a tiger starting off the show. Paula said last week she wanted to see more confidence and he definitely brought that. Unfortunately, the judges thought it was a messy, wannabe version of Usher and Simon even said it gave him a headache! Ouch! I do disagree with Anoop's banter with the judges after his performance because the judges are just doing their job...which is to judge. I would suggest just taking it and walking away next time.

Megan was up next looking as radiant as ever! This girl could not be any more stunning. The judges, once again, were very harsh and told Megan she was in trouble. We will have to see if America agrees.

Then Mr. Gokey! God bless him. It was simple and emotionally powerful. Paula was right when she said he leaves us wanting more. Simon gave Danny major props and said it was his best performance so far. Go Danny!

The youngster, Allison stepped up to the mic, with guitar in hand, in a very crazy ensemble, and as usual, nailed it. The outfit was definitely distracting but I don't think she is in any danger. Love her!

Scottie was up next with his keys. It looked like he had a mini makeover, all trimmed up with his black leather jacket. I think we finally got to see the Scott we all originally fell in love with. He's a smart man to do Billy Joel. Beautiful!

Surrounded by the idol fans, Matt proved he is a true artist. I mean, this guy has it going on. I was shocked by the judge's comments. Shocked! What? I really felt satisfied as a viewer and I hope America is on his side this week.

Lil stood center stage with a brand new diva look and belted out a ballad. This girl has major chops. Effortless! Simon said it was old fashioned, but she cried tears of joy seeing her sweet babies in the audience.

Adam played that funky music! He is ridiculous! And I mean that in the best way possible. How does he hit those notes? He was compared to the greats in the industry by the judges and deserved all the love and props he received. His new hairstyle is so sleek too. He is a star...period!

Kris Allen wrapped up the night with his own take on "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone." It was brilliant! He is really coming up strong in this competition.

I think all together it was a very successful night for the top 9 and seeing another one of them go home will be a real downer because they are all so talented this year! But, that just means we are one step closer to crowning our new idol! Woohoo!

Kimberly Caldwell, Co-host of TV Guide Network's "Idol Tonight" airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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