Kimberly Crain, Teacher Who Took Lewd Photos Of Students, Blames Menopause, Hypnosis, Cholesterol

A former third-grade teacher who admitted to taking photos of her students dancing in their underwear provided a laundry list of bizarre excuses for her behavior.

Kimberly Crain of McLoud, Okla., pleaded no contest in January to exploitation and pornography charges.

Crain blamed menopause, hypnosis, an "emotionally absent" husband, high cholesterol and depression for her illegal acts, according to a letter to the court.

The former elementary school teacher detailed a timeline of events that prompted her to plead guilty to manufacturing and distributing child pornography and to lewd molestation. Crain makes an attempt to reason with the court as to why she took sexually explicit snapshots of girls in her class and then emailed or Skyped them to her online love, Gary Doby, a professor living in Pennsylvania.

George Wright, who represents the families of Crain and Doby's victims, said he found the ex-teacher's letter "offensive."

"If this was supposed to be an apology, it's inadequate," Wright told News 9. "I don't think it's an apology. I think it's an attempt to mitigate her own criminal penalties. She seems not to take any responsibility for any of her actions, which has sort of been a constant theme in this matter."

Doby, a former professor, pleaded guilty to child exploitation charges in January, the Associated Press reported. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Crain will be sentenced on March 22.

Children aged 9 to 11 previously told the court that Crain took pictures of them in her classroom and "during a pizza party at her home while they were wearing tank tops and underwear," the AP reported.



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